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Greeting from CCIM-Japan 2018 Chapter President
Asset Build. Inc.
Representative Director Kiyoshi Inomata, CCIM, CPM®

The mission of CCIM’s is to “compare multiple investment alternatives and to guide investors to success.” The official seminars teach foundational investment techniques and concepts that are widely applicable. For example, you can learn “accurate comparison of investments with different holding periods and size,” “analysis of development-type investments with capital calls,” “prediction of supply and demand gaps in office, retail, and residential units based on basic industry,” and “lease vs. purchase decision-making from user perspective” with multi-faceted understanding of real estate investments, which improves your consulting ability.

They come with extensive textbooks, instructors with rich experience in business practice, abundant activities, Excel spreadsheets you can use in business immediately, and networking all over the country and the world. CCIM is a designation I would recommend to those who want to excel in consulting property owners and corporations in real estate, management, development, and all other real estate related industry.

The goals for this year are (1) diversification of education delivery through Internet to make it possible for more practitioners to acquire the designation, (2) expansion of “M4” to other areas, which is a study and information exchange opportunity that connects our knowledge and network in CCIM to actual transactions, (3) strengthening of relationships with Asian CCIM’s to serve inbound investments to Japan. It is my intention to serve our members by laying a foundation to these three pillars. I am very grateful for this opportunity to take a part in expanding CCIM Japan chapter and improving real estate investments in our country.


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